"Design is creativity with strategy." - Rob Curedale


A logo has a big role to play in regards to the corporate identity of your business. In many instances a logo is the first thing that someone thinks of when they hear your business’s name – for example, when you hear the name Windows or Apple Mac what comes into your mind?


Having a nice logo is good but having a fully designed company with all your items branded and recognisable through out a recurring theme is much better. That's why we always push our clients to go for the full package as it is way more rewarding as it offers a much more professional look.

We can also transform your brochure to create a flipbook which will be then available online.


Pixelis has the knowledge and means necessary to conceptualize, design and produce posters, flyers and billboards, and that includes e-brochures for email marketing.


Brochures in any size and format depending on your needs. Brochures are a great way to share information for those who are on the move and away from an internet connection.


We have great partners with wich we collaborate in order to get your sign setup in an intelligent and professional way. We design, they build!


We work, you relax! Most of us in the 'real' world have no idea how to go about creating an advert for newspaper or magazines. There are lots of confusing technical terms and most of the time publishing companies with which you are dealing don't have the time to help you because of time constraints. That's where we come in, let us take care of everything, from the design to dealing with the publishers, always putting your needs first.


No matter how good you are at placing your products in supermarkets / shops, once on the shelf, if your product's packaging is weak and lifeless, you do not stand a chance against the competition with a more appealing design. Let us, here at Pixelis, research the competition and use your target market as a basis on which to create a packaging design that stands out and is appealing and that will be sure to get you results.