The team

A young ambitious group of designers and developers striving for pixel perfection. Read on, get to know us...


Pixelis was founded by two friends from Tamarin, Mauritius in

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Passionate about design and technology, we strive to offer the highest quality of work, tailored to your needs. Choosing to work with only the best and armed with experience in managing large projects, we'll always have the resources to succeed no matter what you throw at us.



Co-founder - Project Manager

Dominick has a background in multimedia design, 3D modeling and animation, web development and illustration. In his free time he is a movie nut and a technology enthusiast. He also is our resident problem solver and the driving force behind the team.



Co-founder - Art Director

Yannic started his career by working for several clothing brands and creative agencies before discovering his passion for the world wide web. He is the creative spark behind every great design that we produce and is responsible for giving character to our websites.



Graphic Designer

Experienced graphic designer, tea drinker and animal lover, Gaby brings a feminine touch to the team. She has a unique creative perspective when dealing with projects which never stops amazing both clients and colleagues.

Numbers we're proud of

Here's what we've achieved so far in web design, logo design, complete corporate identities and various print works including flyers, posters, signage design, packaging, brochure design, car branding, shop fronts and so on..



Corporate Identities

Various print jobs