Web development services

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." - Steve Jobs


Over the last few years Pixelis has built a reputation for building websites that look great, are easy to use and bring success to our clients. Whatever your needs, we will help you determine the most suitable solution for your business. We pride ourselves in creating modern websites, always keeping up with the latest technology. Should you have any problem deciding where to go next, we are always available to discuss and guide you though the process of building your website.


The expansion of tablets and smart-phones sales in the past few years has changed the way people connect to the web. We can ensure that your website is properly displayed on these devices. Responsive web design is a style of web development where content responds to the device on which it is being viewed. A website viewed from a traditional desktop computer might be displayed one way and a tablet or smartphone will display that same website in a different way; one that takes into account the size and resolution of a smaller screen. For example the text is re-formatted, navigation is simplified and images are shrunk or even hidden entirely depending on the device you are using. This also helps a quick display of your site when viewed on slower mobile networks such as 3G, Edge or even a slow wifi connection.


A CMS or a 'Content Management System' allows you to manage and update the content on your web site all by yourself, without technical training. Content management systems easily let you add, delete and edit information on your website using a back office tailored to your needs.


Google Analytics provides powerful digital analytics for anyone with a web presence be it a website or a landing page and is one of the most powerful and popular digital analytics solutions available nowadays. We equip everyone of our website with this system so as to track information crucial to your business online growth.


A good social media presence is very important for any business looking to extend their market. Through social networks, you will be constantly reminding your audience about your new products, services, promotions, etc… taking maximum advantage of its exponential marketing opportunities.


What's the purpose of having a great looking website which doesn't bring results. This often happens because websites aren't optimized professionally. We can provide affordable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) packages for all types of websites thus giving you the edge you need over your competitors.


Are you in search of the right words to promote your product or service and you don't have time to do it yourself? We have the skills to create your content with a strategic approach to your SEO in mind.