Newsletters are a cost-effective solution that helps you reach your customers through a medium which most people use by default every day — their inbox.

A study in the US found that 91% of people like to receive promotional emails from businesses at which they already are customers. Another study showed that email marketing was four times more effective than Twitter and Facebook combined when it comes to acquiring new customers.

Please note – we do not provide mass mailing services. We focus on setting up your newsletter service, help you in acquiring and importing contacts and designing templates that will give your company a professional look and feel when communication through newsletters.

The benefits of
having & using a newsletter

1. Effectiveness

In 2013, email marketing accounted for close to 7% of all customer acquisitions occurring online. Stats show that email marketing has then quadrupled between 2013 and 2017, making it one of the most effective media when it comes to converting people into members, customers or supporters.

2. Brand Awareness

The average consumer generally enjoys doing business with a company or brand they know, like or trust. By sharing regular helpful and informative content, email marketing gives you the ability to strengthen brand recognition over time, thus increasing your client base and your reputation.

3. Boost Your Sales

Direct marketing is a great way to promote immediate sales. Whether you are a local established “old school” business or you operate solely online, using email marketing will send subscribers directly to the resource you want, increasing the chance of conversion.

4. Increased Reach

Email, being used by nearly everyone in business today, is one of the safest ways to deliver your message to your target. You can also use your website and other marketing channels to gather email addresses to increase your email marketing audience.

5. Action Oriented

Email marketing is great for prompting people to action. A well-crafted email marketing campaign will generally encourage the reader to click on a button with the promise of making them gain something. A discount, discovering new products or linking to a great article.

6. Measurable

An added value of email marketing is the fact that it is analysable. Premium mass mailing systems will undoubtedly offer stats such as open rates, clicked links, and devices used, amongst other information. It’s up to you and your online marketing team to make the best of the provided info.

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